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10 acre lakefront homestead concept

Lake front concept includes many permaculture-based elements – fruit trees, bees, pond, gardens, greenhouse, barn, stable, shop, yurt and aquaponics systems.

Home design integrates  stacked shipping containers, and is scheduled to break ground next spring.

Original concept designed on paper, then transferred to Adobe Illustrator for final presentation.

Client: Private


Now that I’ve decided to rent my house out, I need a place to stay. I opted to build my own little space in the back yard and crawl under it during the years to come. I’ll build it on a trailer in case I ever want to move it, but I’m hesitant to even call it a tiny house at this point because it could end up more of a Frankenstein project of a travel trailer.

Because I have no disposable funding,  very little time and no one to help, I am sourcing used materials on craigslist and other salvage options. I aim to just get the outside done so I have a warm, dry place to retreat to, and work on the inside when I have time.

Starting small, I will have to pick up the skills along the way. Luckily a guy from New York with some framing skills wants to come to Alaska. I’m hooking him up with a place to stay in exchange for his help. I can’t wait to get started!

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