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Elements of the Loussac Library garden concept

A quick sketch lays out lines, flow, elements for approach to immersive gardening at the Loussac Library.

What will the class’ design look like?

  • The right: taller trees to the north side of property form a living hedge.
  • In center: Community gardens bordered by shorter hedges, internal and concentric paths, spiraling out from center  amphitheater.
  • Top: Fruit bearing trees alternating with berms, swales and water diverted from roof to irrigate garden.
  • Left: rest areas, stone paths recycling.


10 acre lakefront homestead concept

Lake front concept includes many permaculture-based elements – fruit trees, bees, pond, gardens, greenhouse, barn, stable, shop, yurt and aquaponics systems.

Home design integrates  stacked shipping containers, and is scheduled to break ground next spring.

Original concept designed on paper, then transferred to Adobe Illustrator for final presentation.

Client: Private


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