With the death of a relationship (or a close call) comes opportunity for renewal, introspection and growth. How can I feel so empowered by my old fears of abandonment and rejection, and continue to pursue companionship with risk of heartache and failure at the same time?

I’ve started to see it as the same peril of being shipwrecked and ending up on a deserted island. I either sit around and chose to die in the sun, or I sweat my butt off in the blistering heat and build the sweetest little bungalo.

Then sit back and sip the sweet life-giving juice from a coconut. Wave and shout to boats passing by. “Thanks, I’m good!”

What? Out of coconuts? I’m doomed! Wait, help!!!

It’s worth it for sure – a sweet thing to watch my spirit intertwine and grow with another, despite this ongoing affair with myself. Thank you for the reminder, the appreciation and everything. I am forever grateful for each moment.

Even if it’s only a day’s walk with you on this path, I am thankful for you giving me the opportunity to exercise my natural role without being taken for granted.  I’m better after each encounter. You’re developing your roles as well. I see it. So comfortable we can change roles from time to time. The wheels are turning. You want to show you can adapt and be strong. Don’t be ashamed to lead, show your claws, dominate. I trust you.

Your past means nothing to me if you’re brave enough to be honest and raw right now. How do you feel? Show me your wounds and I will lick them clean. I am not a ghost, there’s no reason to hide.

Walk away with this feeling now and watch our visions of each other grow from afar. Find a new love if you will, but carry my message forward and I will carry yours. My heart soars if you chose a path that makes you happy. Don’t be afraid to pursue yourself. Don’t be afraid to open up or be rejected. It’s only a pittance when measured up to the opportunity for growth. Face losing time and time again if there’s even a chance at success, connection and building up.

Remember your worth. Anything that doesn’t measure up means letting go, carrying on and looking forward to the next.

This radiant glow is courage that I can and will stand up for my own good and for those close to me. I can let go and be true to my word and spirit if we’re out of balance. Let’s work together to fix it. If you can’t meet me half way, let’s cut our losses now and move on.

I aim to enjoy this one life I have. If we are together, lucky us. Let’s appreciate this time we have. If we are apart, let’s build up our strength and check in from time to time.

When you’re down, I will carry you the way you carried me. Tell me your woes and I will let you know when it’s too heavy of a burden. I will be the dirt you lay on when tired. I will be the waters you swim through when thirsty. I will be the lyrics you sing when afraid.