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Elements of the Loussac Library garden concept

A quick sketch lays out lines, flow, elements for approach to immersive gardening at the Loussac Library.

What will the class’ design look like?

  • The right: taller trees to the north side of property form a living hedge.
  • In center: Community gardens bordered by shorter hedges, internal and concentric paths, spiraling out from center  amphitheater.
  • Top: Fruit bearing trees alternating with berms, swales and water diverted from roof to irrigate garden.
  • Left: rest areas, stone paths recycling.


Now that I’ve decided to rent my house out, I need a place to stay. I opted to build my own little space in the back yard and crawl under it during the years to come. I’ll build it on a trailer in case I ever want to move it, but I’m hesitant to even call it a tiny house at this point because it could end up more of a Frankenstein project of a travel trailer.

Because I have no disposable funding,  very little time and no one to help, I am sourcing used materials on craigslist and other salvage options. I aim to just get the outside done so I have a warm, dry place to retreat to, and work on the inside when I have time.

Starting small, I will have to pick up the skills along the way. Luckily a guy from New York with some framing skills wants to come to Alaska. I’m hooking him up with a place to stay in exchange for his help. I can’t wait to get started!

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