I had been trying to us get out on the water since I’ve been down here. Finally, last week a guy I had been helping on shore offered to take us out.

There was almost no wind. This was not so good for sailing, but it WAS a good thing considering this was the first time Rider had been out in a while, and evidently, he’s still working out some mechanical kinks: We lost a drive shaft connection, right as we were about to come back through the gate. I ran up front and threw the anchor out to starboard as he cut the motor, and we gently swung outside the channel just a hundred yards or so before we got to the pillars the bridge. The gate attendant radio’d down as we got to working on the boat. “Wish I’d have known you guys weren’t coming through.”

Luckily, we were able to fix it and still get home before dark.

“Sorry Cortez bridge. It was last minute!” We radio’d back as we passed through.

“No worries. Shit happens.” He replied.

All in all it was one of the most beautiful days, though there have been many.