SO I just wrote my posting at  Cruisers Forum. It will be interesting to see what kind of characters come out of the woodwork in response

“39 year old male taking the winter/year off. Id post under crew available but I’m traveling with my small terrier Isla, and trying to work out how feasible sailing with a pet will be.

I’m just arriving in the Sarasota area, looking to buy a 30-40′ sailboat and go sailing over the holidays.

I’ve got powerboat experience, commercial fished when I was a kid, and guided sport fishing trips in Alaska for several years on lakes and rivers, did a little kayaking, rafting, hiking, got a scuba cert, so I’m well on my way and definitely cut out for some adventure, and want to do as much as possible while I’m young. 

Specific to sailing, I have basic, bareboat and coastal navigation courses under my belt, a recent 6-pack (inland waterways), and on my way to get a captains license as well, but am looking to focus on sailing enough that it becomes natural over the next year, or lifetime maybe…

I’ll probably go it solo, but am looking for anyone interested with or without experience that wants to partner up in the process early on, help get a boat ready, exchange skills or just come along for the ride down the road. 

I’m handy and always looking to trade or work. I just remodeled a 4 bedroom house and turned it into an eco-lodge. Fixer-uppers arent out of the question, but the sooner I can get out on the water, the better. And it sounds like the time and place are offering a buyers market.

I have my strengths and weaknesses. I’ve been getting more and more into farming and gardening, turning waste into energy, helping communities solve problems in creative ways. That’s fueling my drive to travel.

I can do a lot but am only one guy and having company always makes light work, safety in numbers and flexibility. I am not a mechanic or captain (yet) but I operated and maintained my own boats as a guide, and am not afraid to tackle any kind of project.

I feel sailing is the most sustainable way to travel, so it just makes sense to proceed in this direction if I want to see the rest of the world – 30 countries and counting. I’m no genius, but I’ve got a lot of determination and a pretty good head on my shoulders. I’m full of ideas, good with people, marketing and sales, and will pretty much turn anything into a business if I need to make moneyalong the way.

Let me know if any of this resonates with you. I love ideas, options, like-minded and the adventurous.”